Top Trending Wallpapers in Australia

Wallpaper has always been a favourite classic.  But it had difficulty, too, to get its reputation out of the way as old-fashioned and intimidatingly permanent — so far. Wallpapers along with the industry is simultaneously loosening and celebrating nostalgia, as a whole by implementing all the old styles.  Wallpaper today represents a blend of timeless design and youthful innovation, grandeur and buoyancy.

Wallpaper in Australia is a major trend for 2021, and consumers’ insatiable appetites will not soon be reduced as there is a lot on the plate. Regardless of what you want, wallpaper ideas are available for all, ranging from traditional florals and trumpets to contemporary geometry and tropical motifs and animal designs. The progress in new printing techniques and finishes continues to push the borders and makes it even more exciting due to the availability of new substrates.

Here we give you insights on the biggest wallpaper trends of 2021 in Australia:

Textured Wallpaper

The first on the list is textured wallpapers. Walls are designed to create a seducing touch-me texture or textured effects from print cork and beaded papers to the geometrical designs that emerge from walls. The most recent trend in wall coverings seems to get a lot of attention from customers.  Some people also hang rugs on their walls to make a room softer and more comfortable.

New Botanicals

Modern tropical and botanical prints are now embraced indoors.   With different colour palettes and designs, the designs draw influences from nature. Yellow has emerged in particular as one of the largest colour trends, and on the wall and woodwork, one can see it more and more.

Tropical and Wilderness

Tropical, bamboo, animal print, botanic and scenic wallpaper are also on the rise, meaning that indoors are seeing more exotic adventures. Invigorating tropical styles – rich deep rainforests and jungle patterns – are shortcuts to bring the world near while suggesting that many of the cities have a sense of the natural world which has been distant this year.


Floral wallpapers in Australia are great news in 2021 which are adaptable to all spaces, whether vintage, retro or contemporary. These new designs of this season have increased the stakes and make working in your decor with beautiful flowers easy. Consider the size of the flowers in the patterns when working floral prints into your home. Large prints can make smalls rooms even smaller so stick to finer designs to create an illusion of space.

Nature Finest

We are at the forefront of sustainable development, and it will only continue to escalate as time continues. Greater knowledge of the finiteness of our natural resources has led to a greater desire for repair, repurpose and recycling.

Sustainable, natural and woven materials are celebrated and underlined for visible repairs. Bolder greens also take over from midnight blue which contributes to the biophilic wellness trend through plants and foliage.


This year, we have all looked for safety and structure in the midst of chaos. There has been growing popularity for simplified and designed, with the need to impose systems of order and control across all life facets from wellness trending to dating apps. Interiors that referring to a basic geometrical arrangement, subtle relief and monochrome pallets canalise the pattern and routine comforts.

The above are the top trending wallpapers in Australia one has to look for while choosing. For more guidance and details, you can contact our executives.

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