Top 10 Wallpaper FAQs:

What are the kinds of Wallpaper materials you offer?

We currently offer European Design & Made Branded Wallpapers. We also have a range of Custom Murals which are printed in Australia.

What Wallpaper sizes are available?

Custom Size Wallpapers to match the dimensions of your wall.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Wallpaper and Mural sizes available?

Minimum size accepted of custom wallpaper is 6 Sq. Mtr. There’s no Maximum size limitation. We do accept very large orders.

What if I don’t want to install my Wallpaper?

In case you don’t wish to install the Wallpapers, we provide professional assistance. Our trained professionals can come to your Home or Offices and install your wallpaper for a nominal charge. We refer you to Installers in your area who charge nominal charges for professional services. They are external installers and are no way related to Sydney Wallpaper.

What kind of a wall surface is needed for Wallpaper installation?

A smoother wall surface is preferable that is free of bumps and indents for best results.

What if the wall I wish to install a wallpaper is damaged or not smooth?

This is a pre-requisite to a successful wallpaper installation. The walls should be smooth and free of indents and flakes.

Can I install wallpaper on a damp wall?

No! The surface needs to be smooth and dry.

In what cases can I return my purchase?

Wallpaper Return can happen in cases where the product is damaged or is different from what you had ordered; you need to report to us within 24 hours after receiving the order.

How do you explain Custom Size and Custom Image Wallpaper?

Custom Size wallpaper is planned as per your required Height and Width measurements. Custom Image wallpaper denotes using your own image to print on wallpaper.