Our Wallpapers are designed to give you an Easy Installation of your Custom Wallpaper. You can install them with great ease and convenience. The best part is that they are DIY’s. Isn’t that fantastic? All you need is little water and Voila! Your custom wallpaper is ready. It also has minimal wastage of the material and your time and effort.

Here we illustrate the Wallpaper Installation & Removal Do’s and Don’ts :

What should I consider before choosing a wallpaper installation for my walls?

The most important pre-requisite while choosing a wall décor is to assess the condition of your walls. They must not be damaged or freshly painted. In case there’s any flaking paint or defects in wall surfaces, they need to be addressed first. Walls must be free of grease and dirt. Any picture hooks, switch and outlet plates need to be removed.

Do I need to trim my Wallpaper while installing?

Do not pre-trim your Wallpaper. After wallpaper has been installed, some overage needs to be trimmed. Overage is typically given to take care of irregular walls or ceiling lines.

How do I ensure the seam doesn’t show on larger Wallpaper?

For some images you can eliminate the look of the seam. For multi-panel Wallpapers there’s a one-inch bleed added on each side. You can double-cut the Wallpaper to match the seams.

What if I don’t want to install my Wallpaper?

In case you don’t wish to install the Wallpapers, we provide professional assistance. Our trained professionals can come to your Home or Offices and install your wallpaper for a nominal charge. Please note this facility is currently available only in Melbourne & Sydney.

Can I install wallpaper in Bathrooms or high-moisture areas?

You need to take certain precautions while installing wallpapers in Bathrooms. The area needs to be coated with Polyurethane. This makes it not only water resistant but also provides added precaution for moisture ridden areas. If you do detect any moisture behind the walls, use any adhesive which contains Mildewcide. It will kill any mildew or moulds and prevent moisture from seeping in your walls.

How long does it take for Wallpaper to dry in high- moisture areas like Bathrooms?

As a rule Wallpapers generally dry overnight. This may take longer in case your building is an old one. When the wallpaper is wet, it can rip off easily so it’s important to take care with furniture and other articles in the room. With bathrooms, ideally leave the exhaust fan on or keep the door ajar to facilitate the drying process.

Can I apply wallpaper over wallpaper?

Not recommended. Your old wallpaper will hamper the smooth installation of the new one and may look cracked and lumpy.

What kind of a wall surface is needed for Wallpaper installation?

A smoother wall surface is preferable that is free of bumps and indents for best results

While installing Wallpapers, what precautions are required with light switches and other wall objects?

You will have to remove any light switch covers and other objects while installation.

I have recently got my walls painted. How long should I wait before installing Wallpapers on my walls?

You may need to wait for around a week ideally. Wallpapers applied on wet and damp walls do not stick well. They may even peel your paint off while taking them off.

How do I install Wallpapers? Do you send installation instructions?

Our Wallpapers are like second skin to your walls. The process is completely ‘DIY’ Do-It-Yourself and hassle-free. We send detailed instruction manuals that assist you for an informal and stress-free installation and are extremely user-friendly.

Is additional paste required on the back of Wallpapers while installation?

Our Wallpapers are designed for an easy no-mess installation. There’s no additional adhesive required as our wallpapers are pre-gummed. They just need to be soaked in plain water before the installation process begins. Please refer to installation video before you start installing the wallpapers.

Will there be a sticky residue on my walls after wallpaper removal?

No residue will remain on your walls. If it does in one odd case, simply wipe the wall surface with a clean damp cloth or sponge.

Will the wallpaper peel off or damage my walls?

Ideally no! But this would also depend on the state and quality of your wall paints.

Can I install wallpaper on a damp wall?

No! The surface needs to be smooth and dry. Wallpapers applied on a damp wall may not stick to surface correctly and may start peeling off too. It may damage the wall paint as well while removing the wallpaper.

I have a wall where I want to install wallpaper; however there is a window in between. Could you please help?

Our trained team of professionals can fix the problem. We would need to modify the image such that the window does not hamper the overall look and neatness of the wallpaper. Please do let us know of any windows or doors on the wall immediately after placing the order.

How to Use the Custom Wallpaper for a makeover?

Now that you have selected your wallpaper, you must be wondering on how easy or difficult would be the installation. Not to worry, Sydney Wallpaper helps you do it yourself without too much trouble. Once you chose the desired custom wallpaper for your wall, we send you detailed installation instructions on how to position and align the wallpapers.  All you need to do is follow the instructions for the installation and your customized wallpaper is ready within minutes.

Some Pointers to keep in mind while installing your wallpaper:-

  • Before you start the process ensure that your wall is smooth and even. The application area should be cleaned thoroughly with water and sponge so that it is free of any dirt or debris.
  • Remove any light fixtures, decorative wall hangings etc.
  • Mark the area with a pencil that you want to cover.
  • The side which has the wallpaper print needs to be rolled loosely facing inwards.
  • Next you need to keep the rolled print dipped and submerged in water for about 15 seconds.
  • Remove the print from water and keeping the printed side folded facing outwards for about 1 minute.
  • Next carefully place the wallpaper print on the wall. While you are doing so overlap the markings made earlier.
  • Using a sponge smoothen out the entire panel. Level out all the bubbles evenly. As the print starts to dry even the smaller bubbles start to evaporate giving a smooth leveled finish.
  • The excess water can be removed using a sponge. The print has to be left for 15-30 minutes to dry out completely.
  • It would be best if you take help of one person while installing as it makes the procedure easier.
  • Once you are done check the entire mural and only then trim off any excess material.

Your Brand New Wall is ready. Sounds so simple right, why don’t you go ahead and try it out.

We have also uploaded a video for your reference.

Looking for an Installation Support? Just contact us on +61 470133725 or  support@sydneywallpaper.au for installation*.

*Additional charges apply.