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Pro Tips For Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Your Home

One of the most important decisions when decorating a new home or apartment is choosing the right wallpaper for your walls. A wall that has wallpaper looks more homelike and inviting than a bare, blank wall. There are many different types of wallpaper designs to choose from. If you’re looking for a neutral design, then choose one with colors such as beige and white. Wallpapers play a great role in adding beauty to your living space. You can add a personal touch to your room by adding customized wallpapers.

The best type of wallpaper for your home is one that matches the general color scheme of the room and will make it look more visually appealing. It should also have a subtle pattern that helps to break up the space.

Select wallpaper that would be easy to remove and clean and should be applied with ease. Check out some of the points for selecting the best wallpaper for your home.

Selection Of Wallpaper For Home

On The Basis Of Colors

The color and pattern of your room wallpaper affect the mood. Thus, before choosing the wallpaper color you should keep in mind what mood you wish to enjoy in your room. For example, if you want to remain fresh and delightful, select wallpapers that are of soft colors. On the other hand, you should go with some warm color wallpaper such as orange, yellow or red to enjoy the warm feeling.

Check out the table guide on which color wallpaper is suitable for which room.



Room Right Wallpaper Color
Living Room And Foyer Area Beige, Orange, Red Combinations, Yellow, Etc.
Kitchen Brown, Scarlet Red, Green Or Teal, Peach, Etc.
Dining Rooms Green, Subdued Orange, Turquoise, Saffron, Etc
Master Bedroom Lighter Shades Of Pink, Green, Gray, Blue, Purple, Etc.
Kid’s Room Happy Colors Such As Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Lavender, Etc.
Guest Bedrooms Royal Colors Like Rose Gold, Dark Purple, Emerald Green, Etc.


Also, you should consider the color palette of your entire room to present an appealing look of the room. If the ceilings of rooms are at low height, then it is better to choose the light and soft shades to enhance the appearance of the room, and ceilings will appear higher.

On The Basis Of Textures

Texture wallpapers are great for hiding flaws, imperfections or any architectural damage. Also, they add some more dimensions to the wall and enhance the visual impression. When the time comes for options, it rocks again with the limitless options. You can use them easily to decorate your home. Visual or tactile wallpapers texture which one will be best for you, you have to decide.

Here we suggest you select ideas for textured wallpapers and where to apply them.



Type of Textured Wallpaper Application
Smooth Texture Room With Less Wear And Tear
Rough Texture High Traffic Rooms
Glossy Texture Room With No Window
Natural Texture To Get Rustic Style
Matte Texture Room With Natural Light


On The Basis Of Pattern

The next one comes with a pattern that will flawlessly match your living space. If you select patterned wallpapers, it will make your living space look more casual and perfectly hide imperfections. A good rule of thumb says that while selecting pattern wallpaper, the window, rugs, cushions, and other things should be considered and go with the flow.

Here is a little guideline for the selection of pattern wallpaper.



Pattern Application Area
Floral Patterns Dining Rooms And More Feminine Spaces
Intricate Patterns Rooms With Lots Of Windows And Doors
Vertical Patterns Room Where The Ceiling Should Appear Higher
Geometric Patterns For Home Office Spaces
Large Patterns For Large And Spacious Rooms
Horizontal Patterns For Narrow Rooms To Appear Wider
Bold Patterns Living Room And Kitchen
Small Patterns Small And Congested Spaces


To enhance the look, you can mix and match the modern and contemporary designs as per your understanding.

On The Basis Of Materials

When selecting the wallpaper for your home, you must keep the type of material in mind. There are several types of materials that are used for creating wallpapers. Each one of them comes with different features, properties and ways to apply.



Material of Wallpaper Area of Application
Fabric Wallpapers Luxurious Spaces With Stylish Look
Grass-Cloth Wallpapers Variety Space As It Is Durable And Washable
Flock Wallpapers Bedroom, Living Room, Guest Room, Dining Room
Nonwoven Wallpapers Every Room As They Are User-Friendly
Foil Wallpapers Highly Smooth Walls
Vinyl Wallpapers High Traffic Rooms
Natural Bamboo Wallpapers Rooms That Require a More Natural Look


Reasons To Use Wallpapers For Your Room

We love to experiment by adding different accessories to our home. One of them includes styling walls with wallpaper. It is currently in trend and a classy and attractive option to enhance the appearance of the home.

Check out some of the top reasons why you should opt for wallpapers for your home.

The Glance

The first thing that makes wallpaper a trendy choice for home is the look that it delivers. The room becomes more pleasing, elegant, and exciting by adding wallpapers. A different look should be given to each room according to the taste.

Adds Unique Touch

Selection of different patterns of wallpapers should be made to add a distinctive touch to every room. Your every room will appear different. It will impress your visitors.

Under Budget

Adding wallpaper is the least expensive and affordable way to design your home. In case you go for color, then it will cost you more as compared to installing wallpapers.

Perfectly Hides Backlogs

The imperfection present on the wall or any other damage gets perfectly covered by installing wallpapers. Thus it is a great alternative for getting the desired wall without much investment.

Conclusion: Best Wallpaper For Your House

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you in selecting the right wallpaper for your home. If you want to get stunning interiors, you can count on Sydney Wallpaper. You will get a number of options with us to decorate your home. We offer wallpapers, wall murals, and other home decors at a reasonable price. We are happy to help you at every possible level. You can connect with us at +61 470133725 for detailed information.

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