Garden State Wallpaper


Garden State Wallpaper is a rich full floral that is both fun and modern. Its deep maroons and mustards give it mood and the rough blending of dual tone paints give enormous visual texture to the brush strokes. The soft pink background will provide lightness to your space and the flowers will become the feature of the room. There is plenty of playful movement and so many beautiful painterly textures to admire. Garden State is perfect for the bedroom, bathroom or virtually anywhere.

Designed as panels that are 330cm high x 61.5cm wide. Each roll comes with 3 panels. When calculating the quantity required. Simply divide your wall width by the panel width. For example. 3.6m wide / 61.5cm = 5.8 drops ≈ 6 Panels: 2 Rolls.

Roll Dimensions 10.5 m x 61.5 cm
Repeat No Vertical Repeat / Repeats Horizontally Every 3 Panels
Product Code MK – TIFF005P
Composition Non Woven
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