Classic Red Bricks Wallpaper


Classic red brick wallpaper gives your interior that look that says, we’re established, we’ve been here a while and we ain’t going nowhere. This brick wallpaper has that outdoor sun-bleached look reminiscent of an old schoolyard. It is both charming and formidable.

If you’re looking for the most realistic brick wallpaper living room ideas or brick wallpapers for the bedroom, then you can’t go past the industrial allure of this design.

Designed as panels that are 330cm high x 61.5cm wide. Each roll comes with 3 panels covering a total of 184.5cm in wall width. When calculating the quantity required. Simply divide your wall width by 184.5cm. For example. 3.6m wide ÷ 184.5cm = 1.95 = 2 rolls

Roll Dimensions 9.9 m x 61.5 cm
Repeat No Vertical Repeat / Repeats Horizontally Every 3 Panels
Product Code MK – KEM090
Composition Non Woven
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