Baroque Fusion Wallpaper


Baroque Fusion Wallpaper is inspired by the Baroque period (1600-1750), known for its lavish ornamentation. ‘Baroque Fusion’ is an intricate, elegant design that draws on this aesthetic but adds a modern twist in the form of delicate line work. The detailed line work, featuring florals and ornamental shapes, flows vertically up the wall and the design interlocks to create a full, rich composition emanating grandeur and luxury.

With a many colours to choose from like Blue, Grey, Reverse Pink, Teal and Slate, Baroque Fusion is extremely versatile and would suit a large variety of rooms from bedrooms to living rooms.

Roll Dimensions 10.5 m x 61.5 cm
Repeat 31 cm
Colour Grey Reverse | Multi | Pink Reverse | Slate | Blue | Grey | Teal
Product Code MK – WR524ES
Composition Non Woven
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