Misty Water Wallmural – Premium

$90.00 per sq mtr

Relax and refresh within this misty mural scene

Adding a photo mural to your home is not just about covering a blank featureless wall, it can become a focal point for your interior design, or a piece of art that blends with the rooms décor. Photo murals from our Spectrum range are a visual sensation that appeals to the senses as well as the eyes. This misty mural is beautifully tranquil; the movement of the water seen in the ripples and the mist slowly rising give the viewer a timeless sense of peace and awakening. You can almost see yourself tossing stones into the water, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Use the Wallpaper Calculator Below to order as per your Wallsize by entering the Height and Width of the wall in Metres.

1 Metre = 100 cms = 1000 mm


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