Industriel Urban Farm L.A., Vintage Wallmural – Premium

$90.00 per sq mtr

3D wall mural looking like wooden boxes

A while ago we stumbled upon an interesting interior photograph on the web. The photograph featured a restaurant with a fantastic wall of old wooden crates and boxes. With a little detective work we managed to track down the restaurant and its owner Armen. A little bit perplexed and surprised (it’s not every day that you get a call from oddball Swedes that want to make your restaurant into a wallpaper design.) Armen agreed to let us photograph the wall and make it into wallpaper.  The crates are real boxes collected from all over California. If you happen to be in L.A. and are hungry for urban French cuisine, you simply must visit the lovely restaurant sharing the name with our wallpaper design Industriel Urban Farm L.A.


Use the Wallpaper Calculator Below to order as per your Wallsize by entering the Height and Width of the wall in Metres.

1 Metre = 100 cms = 1000 mm


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