5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper for Boys

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper for Boys

Wallpapers are a great way to add colour and interest to any room. They are no longer confined to living and dining areas but have also been now used to enhance children’s bedrooms. It is challenging to appeal to young boy’s design sensibilities and changing tastes. In such cases, wallpapers are a good option as they can be easily changed as required. However, one should consider certain factors while choosing the right wallpaper for boys.

To make it easier for you, we have listed down the 5 factors that you have to be mindful of:


A young child’s room must evolve! However, there is no need to re-wallpaper all four walls of the child’s room. Sydney Wallpaper have pattern and design wallpapers that can be used for just one feature wall, or to enhance other important spaces.


There is no dearth of colour options when it comes to wallpaper. Choose colours that are more commonly liked by boys. However, choices may differ thus it is good to engage your child in the selection process. Some boys may prefer neutral and earthy shades over bright and loud ones or vice versa. Celebrating colour preferences will make your child’s bedroom feel their own.


One great way to enhance your son’s room is by adding something which he absolutely loves. Be it a robot, a fictional character from novels, cartoons or any sport- there is a wallpaper that will speak to your child. Wallpapers are a great way to personalize your child’s bedroom and to engage his creativity. Thus, it is essential to know his hobbies well which will help you to make the right choice.


Goal specific wallpapers can do wonders in your child’s room. It will help him remain focused and be inspired by his goals all the time. However, do ensure that these wallpapers are subtle and not overwhelming.


If girls have florals and pretty pastels, boys also have geometrical and striped wallpapers. Striped wallpaper is an excellent option to elongate rooms with low ceilings, while geometrical prints are effective at making a bold statement. So consider these patterns to make your boy’s room more masculine.

Choosing the right wallpaper for boys can be a tough job if you don’t exactly know what you are looking for or what you want to accomplish. If you need some assistance in knowing what to consider when buying wallpaper, you can call us on +61 470133725. Our team will guide you in making a confident decision to select the perfect wallpaper.

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